JoopPhone Hosted PBX

All you need is an internet connection to make these phones work! You get all the benefits of a large on-premise phone system, but without the huge cost of a capital expenditure.

Features include:

  • Hold
  • Transfer
  • Conference calling
  • Park
  • Voicemail to email
  • “find me, follow me”
  • On-demand forwarding
  • On-demand call recording
  • Extension dialing
  • Ring Groups
  • Call reporting
  • Auto attendant & more

The system can be as simple or as complex as you need it. We help you customize it based on your current needs, but allows growth for your future needs.

JoopTech Network Managed Services

We offer a number of packages that can be customized to keep your existing network at optimum health. We become your trusted IT department to help you get the most life out of your network equipment:

  • PC’s
  • Servers
  • Firewalls
  • Any & all network equipment

At a set, low-cost monthly price based on the package or services you choose, it helps to reduce surprise high-cost expenses for IT and maintenance.

Got a New Business?

We can work with you to help build new computer networks to meet your needs now and to grow with you as your business grows.

Joop4u Appointment Reminder

Save time, money & improve efficiency by adding the Joop4u Appointment Reminder Package to your practice. The module calls your clients or patients in advance, to remind them of an upcoming appointment they have with you.

Highlights & Features:

  • Uses a web interface, with unique secure login.
  • It’s as simple as uploading an Excel spreadsheet.
  • You customize what block of time during the day you want calls to go out.
  • You customize how many days in advance you want calls to go out.
  • Record a customized greeting that all patients will hear before the appointment details.
  • Allows patients to confirm, cancel, reschedule or be transferred to the office with single options during the message.
  • Leaves a complete voicemail message if patient can’t be reached personally.
  • Call reports sent once calling is complete- showing confirmations, cancellations, etc.
  • Has own dedicated phone number & doesn’t tie up another phone in the office.
  • Frees up a staff member for other job functions or projects.
  • Low cost per month.

JoopPhone Auto Attendant

If you have an older analog system that doesn’t have an auto attendant or you just want to free up your front desk staff, Joop4u offers a stand alone auto attendant that we will help you customize and personalize based on your business.

Use for just after-hours or for business hours too.

JoopFax eFax

Joop4u offers a stand alone eFax product. Send faxes directly from your email using a PDF and have them delivered directly to your email or distribution group.

Only do a little faxing? Our metered JoopFax product is the best fit, with 50 pages send/receive included.

Do a lot of faxing? Our unlimited JoopFax product is right for you.

Both plans include up to 5 users on a single subscription.


*All Joop4u services listed can be stand-alone or can be bundled in ANY combination.*