Jenny and Johnny Joop; Your Friends in Telecom


business-man-and-womanIntroducing…Jenny and Johnny Joop. They represent Joop4u and their sole mission is helping you decide what Joop can do for your business. Have you ever wondered what specific products and services could do to elevate your business and grow with you as your needs grow? Jenny and Johnny are here to clear confusion, ease apprehension, highlight Joop’s quality products and services, reenact real-life scenarios between client and Joop Agent, and ultimately pave the way to a perfect solution that you can feel good about.

Joop represents solutions, approachable and applicable for all our types of clients and users. Our services range from Network Managed Services to Hosted PBX, and eFax…just to name a few. More importantly we know the customer- we know how to develop a perfect, cost-effective plan of action for clients. We value our clients and understand the concerns and specifics that arise in any process involving your business.

We’re confident Jenny and Johnny Joop will help bridge the gap between client and solutions!

Keep and eye out for our upcoming posts featuring Jenny and Johnny! In the meantime, if you have any questions, our Joop Agents are here to help:


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